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Personal Fitness and Weight Training

This course will focus on the benefits of weight training, while addressing all components of physical fitness.  Students will develop personal fitness programs to gain strength, tone muscles and/or enhance appearance. Students will also have the opportunity to become Can-Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainers.  The Personal Trainer Specialist Certification, through Can-Fit Pro, has been developed to provide the participant with the opportunity to become better educated about personal training while experiencing a fun learning atmosphere. This program will enhance the student's confidence to lead and help motivate a client to be active and feel great.

Units of Study

Unit 1- Personal Fitness Testing and Program Development  
Students will participate in vigorous fitness testing and will analyze their results. They will determine fitness goals based on these results and results of estimated 1RM (Repetition Maximum) tests in the weight room. Students will become familiar with safety procedures in lifting weights and properly executing weight room activities. Review of the components of fitness and instruction in anatomical information will take place in this unit. Textbook chapters 1, 8,9,10,11
Assessment: Formative Fitness Assignment, Unit test and quizzes

Heart & Stroke Foundation - link to info on taking blood pressure and normal  BP ranges.
Blood Pressure Chart
CanFit pro manual ch.1 questions
1 Rep Max calculator
Unit 2- Fitness Program Implementation and Physical Activity Participation  
Students will participate and interact in supportive, enjoyable and challenging settings that encourage lifelong participation. They will develop and maintain and improve their personal health related fitness by participating in vigourous fitness activities for sustained periods of time, and by applying training principles that underlie physical fitness. Students will follow their strength training program and re-evaluate their goals after analysis of test results. Students will examine and reflect on their personal values, abilities and aspirations influencing life choices and opportunities.
Assessment: Training program sheets, Formative Fitness Assignment, CCT

Unit 3 - Skeletal and Muscular Anatomy, Flexibility and Injury Recognition  
Following the Can-Fit Pro Certification Manual students will learn the basics of anatomy, flexibility training and injury prevention.  This is intensive study and will require review and homework in order to fully understand the comprehensive material. Chapters 5, 6, 7
Assessment: Various tests, quizzes and small assignments.

Unit 4 - Nutrition, Bioenergetics and Cardiorespiratory Concepts  
As an extension of their personal fitness programs, students will examine their own nutritional habits and will be exposed to methods of analyzing the content of their daily diet. Students will explain how diet is a requirement of a healthy lifestyle and an aid to athletic performance. How energy flows around the body and how the cardiovascular and respiratory systems contribute to and are enhanced by exercise will be studied. Chapters 2, 3,4
Assessment: Personal Nutrition Assignment, Unit Test, Quizzes

Useful Links for Study:

Games to Study for Unit 3 Test

Feet Shoulder Width Apart
Knees Slightly Bent
Back Straight
Abdominal Tight
Shoulders Back
Comfortable Grip
Lift Slowly
Lift through full ROM (Range of Motion)
Breathe through each repetition
Return weight when complete